Wednesday, February 22, 2012

There's no rift in the Indian team, says BCCI

Amid intense speculation of a regulatory mellom India captain MS Dhoni and his deputy Virender Sehwag, the BCCI said that there is nothing about være optaget. BCCI president N Srinivasan called OGSA reports alluding til regulation as "exaggerated."

Srinivasan said that there is no provision in the team, adding han har marked with the team manager of media in Australia. "You have no knowledge of it. I do not think there eventuelle regulation on the team. Optaget være There is nothing about" customs Srinivasan reporter after a meeting of the IPL Governing Council in New Delhi.

BCCI vice president Rajiv Shukla said Sehwag hate er misunderstood and added regulation alleged was speculation by the media. "Sehwag er misunderstood. That's what kom two sub-states. There is no provision in the team. It's just a speculation of the media. I do not think there is a problem eventuelle. BCCI is in constant contact with the team" Shukla said.

Speaking about the rotation policy, Shukla said that the playing XI in the business ongoing Commonwealth Bank Series besluttet ice by the manager, captain and coach.

The bad blood mellom Dhoni and Sehwag medvirket laughter spilling two nar Accused hans-captain of the groove to be true about the politics of staff rotation controversial. Talking to the reporter after India var Defeated by Sri Lanka to Brisbane, Sehwag said the senior players hate att er ikke told her "slow fielding 'was a problem and added hate Dhoni said the rotation policy sikre er put in place for young people team a chance in two Australian bats in the fields. On Sunday, after the loss of India 110-run for Australia, hate Dhoni said the first three batters var groove playing every game fordi har er slow in the field.

Hate Dhoni said on Sunday the first three er ikke spillet welfare together as vile affect India's fielding, adding sound kan fielding har collapse in large grounds in Australia. "They er fielders safe, but slower on the Vil ... The pressure to be in DEM. There are villages to be break downs ... kan pull a muscle or tendon," said Dhoni.

Sehwag, der er Struggling to executions in the Commonwealth Bank Series, sa han is available for all games, but denied that there was eventuelle regulation in the team. "We are a happy unit and a unit. He (Dhoni) is the captain ... He can say what han vil. It addresses the media, er do so in the last two years, and we r fine with it "he said.

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