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Time for split captaincy believe former coaches

In the aftermath of the defeat of India in Australia, a public outcry and ask heads role as captain MS Dhoni is under scrutinyroll was expected. And India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni was forced to be at the top of the list of those who are desperate for some strong action after eight defeats were disgraceful and shameful.

It was just a matter of time before Dhoni captaincy came under the scanner and sure enough, there were reports that the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is contemplating splitting the captaincy of Virender Sehwag - to test the games - and Dhoni - for ODIs and T20S.

Or not such a movement is underway, the basic idea of ​​having two captains, especially after Dhoni made it clear in Australia that he does not see lasting in all three formats for a long time may not be the worst move, according to the former India coach Anshuman Gaekwad and Madan Lal. "Looking Dhoni's point of view, it could be relieved. Handling three formats of the game, on top of the wicket-keeping day after day, he did it all. It (being relieved of the captaincy test) could be a blessing in disguise" Gaekwad told MAIL TODAY on Sunday.

"However, to blame him for the disaster in England and Australia would be unfair Dhoni. After every defeat, we have a tendency to blame the captain and coach. What were the rest of the players doing? When Dhoni spoke about his future plans on the eve of Perth Test, he was just talking. People accuse him of losing interest, but I think he is simply feeling helpless after performances like this. "

For Madan, it was time for the heavy workload was reduced Dhoni. "Dhoni should be relieved of the captaincy of the test. He has done very well in all formats and over the years. If you take charge of the Test captaincy away from him, he can be charged and a good performance. However, I never would take the Test arena as I feel he is still a game winner at No. 7, "he told MAIL TODAY.

Interestingly, Madan felt Sehwag was not the best choice for captaincy test. According to the former all, Sachin Tendulkar should be handed the reins until the day he decides to hang up his boots, to rebuild the team. "What have you done Sehwag as captain? If you want to make a new captain, not just put anyone in that place. Viru has hit very well in test cricket, but that does not mean he is captaincy material testing. I feel Sachin should be given the task of rebuilding the team. Even if he wants to play for 6-10 months, I would like him to give something back to Indian cricket in the form of 2-3 young people ready, "opined Madan.

With the transition to work together, Gaekwad said that since India would be playing in the subcontinent for nearly two years, young people could be gradually brought in. However, Madan warned that this transition would take a long time. "It will take at least 3-4 years to revive the team. This was the best team we had and they lost so badly. It will take a long time," he said.

England should stick by "embarrassed" players - Vaughan

England should not change your team, despite being "embarrassed" by Pakistan in the first two tests, according to former captain Michael Vaughan.

With a victory target of 145 in Abu Dhabi on Saturday, the world's number one ranked Test side to 72 all fell into the hands of Pakistan a 2-0 lead in their three-match series.

"Personally, I would not change the team," Vaughan told the Sunday Telegraph. "We saw two embarrassing failures. Give them one more chance to meet a Sri Lanka tour, played in similar positions, is the next on the calendar.

"Dubai is a chance to show that these players are good enough to get on the plane to Sri Lanka."

England has one more test against Pakistan and then travel to Sri Lanka in March.

Vaughan pointed a finger at England's batsmen, who failed miserably to deal with Pakistan bowlers round Saeed Ajmal, Abdur Rahman and Mohammad Hafeez.

"England has been embarrassed on this tour with the bat and you can point the finger at this team and say they do not play cricket in the subcontinent at all well," Vaughan said.

"This is hard to take as a team that believes it is best, but even top sides lose when they only have two hitters in the game 6 / 1 with authority.

"Alastair Cook and Jonathan Trott are the only batsmen to look comfortable, but they are not the kind of people to dominate the game.

"They occupy the crease. The rest of the first six are fighting for the technique, the trial, the rating options, and the greatest of all, trust."

Vaughan said that the likes of Ian Bell and Kevin Pietersen needed to show strength of character before the third test begins in Dubai, but rejected suggestions that the captain Andrew Strauss was not justifying his place on the side.


"They can start by not hiding more and admit they have a batting problem in the sub-continent in low, slow wickets," said Vaughan.

"Technical Pietersen against left arm spinners Ian Bell is shot ... is completely fooled by Saeed Ajmal.

"Andrew Strauss is in an awful position and that is a concern. He is a good leader and a very strong man, but now the team started losing, people started looking at their shape and their average over the last year and a half.

"He needs a score for your peace of mind. When you do not score runs and the team is losing, your confidence goes. He needs to run its own sake.

"Forget the career end of forecasts. This is garbage. He needs to run their own well-being to give up power just because you feel drained as captain when you're not playing well and the team is losing.

"The work exhausted him. Strauss still has power, it runs only need to bring back the feelgood factor."

In Pakistan, former captain Shoaib Malik said Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) had done well to take advantage of treating the games in the Gulf as a "series at home."

"The fields prepared for the first two tests were good test shots, but played to our strengths. Ascension of England in recent years has been mainly dependent on their pace bowlers not their spinners," Malik told Reuters.

Another former captain, Moin Khan said the victory was the result of the trust and support given to the captain Misbah ul-Haq for the management team and board.

"I think the board and deserve credit for creating an environment where the players are hungry for success. Misbah is also growing in confidence as a captain and has the support of his players," he said.

Veterans face heat as India fall apartVeterans face heat as India fall apart

Pressure is mounting on aging Indian Test batsmen to make way for new talent after the team fell to "lowest low" in Australia, where he suffered a humiliating 4-0 series whitewash.
The Indian team after losing the Adelaide Test.

The eighth consecutive Test defeat abroad, on Saturday - after an identical score in England - India left a beaten looking for a way to stop the rot.

The fingers were being pointed down performance batting stars Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman - all pillars of the Indian line for over a decade.

Tendulkar, the world's leading Test and one-day batsman who turns 39 in April, was clearly overwhelmed by the pressure of chasing his 100th international century, a feat that continues to elude him.

His highest score was 80 in the series and even though he made 287 runs at an average of 35.87, the March - what no other player did - seemed to shackle his batting style usually free-flowing.

Dravid, 39, the second highest scorer in Test cricket after Tendulkar, managed just 194 runs in eight innings in a poor average of 24.25 with a half-century.

And Laxman, 37, who has prospered against Australia in the past, seemed woefully out of touch as he pointed and plodded to 155 runs at 19.37.

Tendulkar will get another chance to make amends in the next one-day tri-series against Australia and Sri Lanka, but Dravid and Laxman are not part of the limited-overs team.

With India not to play due to another series of tests until September, the senior players have time to reflect on his future amid calls for a revision of the hand.

"Indian Cricket sank to the lowest of lows," wrote Cricinfo editor Sambit Bal, who said he revered the trio could not be banked to deliver.

"Another time, these same men would have been invoked ... to forge a revival. But the time has now passed. Indian Cricket has no choice but to embrace the future, however uncertain it may seem."

Even International Cricket Council president Sharad Pawar, a former head of Indian cricket, he felt the younger players needed to be thrown in the ring.

"It's time for some changes in the Indian team," Pawar told CNN-IBN news channel. "You have to take risks and give an opportunity for the younger generation.

"Such a movement can change the whole atmosphere in the team."

But the former India captain Bishan Bedi and spin legend, asked for an immediate end to the witch hunt against senior players.

"Please show a little respect for players who served their country for so long," Bedi told the Press Trust of India. "They do not need our suggestions as to when they should retire.

"Someone will eventually take their places. But we will probably never be able to find replacements for these players, a once-in-a-generation."

Bedi last week, attacked what he said was obsessed with the Indian cricket board of the glitzy Indian Premier League (IPL), accusing it of ignoring the longer form of cricket at home.

"The council's priorities are wrong," said Bedi. "The Ranji Trophy (first class national tournament) should be our most valued tournament, not the IPL.

"Mark my words, this IPL will give a fatal blow to Indian cricket and that day is not far."

The annual IPL, which started in 2008, offers players from around the world playing Twenty20 cricket franchises to private multi-million dollar fees for the top stars.

Meanwhile, Indian cricket chief Narayanaswamy Srinivasan defended the test team attacked, saying that the series would one day turn the tide of tourists.

"There is no need for an instinctive reaction," he said. "We have faith in the team. We must not put pressure on the players. Only months ago, they won the World Cup."

Sunday, January 29, 2012

It will take time to rebuild India's Test squad: Dravid

Dravid averaged under 25 in the Australia Test series.
Rahul Dravid put an end to media speculation about his retirement saying he had not reached a decision about his career.

"I have not made any decision and no need to make a decision now, we're not playing another game to test seven to eight months so we'll see how it pans out," Dravid told Channel Nine Australia after a complete farce 4 -0 India.

"At my stage in my career is always taking him on a lot of time and do not look too far ahead, so let's see what happens." Dravid average age of 25 during the series, providing a moot point for those who ask young players to be broken into India's Test squad.

"I'm definitely closer to the end than the beginning, no doubt about it," said Dravid.

A media report said Dravid may retire after the defeat of India in Adelaide, but India team manager GS Walia issued a press release denying that.

"The team has taken note of media stories suggesting the imminent retirement of a member of the Indian team. We would like to clarify the situation, stating categorically that they are not correct and is unfounded," Walia said in a prepared statement, but not make a categorical reference to Dravid.

Dravid said it was imperative for India to build a strong team test because it is important for the game in general.

"India needs to be a Test playing nation strong, there are not many countries playing cricket and I think that if India is competitive in Test cricket that makes the difference," he said.

"We did not do so well abroad over the last series, but I'm hopeful that some of the kids will pass."

"It may take a little time, but we will build a strong foundation."

India need a vision, a goal: Wasim Akram

Former Pakistan captain Wasim Akram, one of the all-time fast bowlers, told The Telegraph on Saturday morning. Following are excerpts.

Coming from the subcontinent, what is your reaction to India to be eliminated?

I was sad ... Dukh hua hai ... The players are my friends and I have ties with cricket in India ... It hurts ... There is no shame in losing after struggling with it, but only for the final test was the fifth day, while the third ended in two years and a half days ... Perth was shocking.

What are the reasons for India to do so badly?

On the one hand, older people are not led from the front with the bat or the ball or to project a good body language. When the team is not doing well, so young or less experienced players looking to the elderly ... They take a cue from them ... I have not found the elderly trying to help young people, as Umesh Yadav ... My impression is that older people played for themselves, not the team.

You will not blame Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who led the first three tests, and Virender Sehwag, who took the final test?

Everyone says that Dhoni's cool ... But you are legal only if you are winning ... When things are not going your way, you need to be proactive, needs to show emotion ... Fresh captain Sehwag bhi ban gaya ... It's not how it works.

The other reasons ...

There was no opening to talk about partnership (best of 26!) And with the wickets Tues grass, which was a very tall order for the middle-end ... Seeing the wickets, I knew that the scouts would be challenged. But why not the Indian Quicks and medium pacers to take wickets? After all, they rolled on the same surface as Australia. The Indians did not bowl the right length, do not pitch it up ... Look at Ishant Sharma, he took only five wickets at an average of 90.20! If he could not get wickets in Australia, where he will get them?

Anything else?

The fielding was poor ... When Suresh Raina and Manoj Tiwarys play, so the fielding will improve. Once the fielding is better then the game in general will also improve.

In the past, Zaheer Khan have sought his guidance. Someone comes to you this time?

No. .. Aayaa Koi Nahin.

But you spent some time with the promising Mitch Starc in SCG?

(Smiles) That's because he came to me ... I'll definitely make time for those who want to enjoy my experience ... Nationality is not important ... Any young person can come to me.

Should Rahul Dravid (194 runs at an average of 24.25) and VVS Laxman (155 runs at an average of 19.37) call it a day?

I do not want to be advising them, but there is a time for everything ... To play and not play ... When you watch highlights of the day, or watch your performance during the day, then you get to know exactly where you are ... There is little need I say more ... I stopped when I was about 37 years.

What Australia has done, click the way they did?

The way that happened ... Bowling coach Craig McDermott asked his pitchers to pitch it up and they did it ... So the batting of Ricky Ponting at No. 4 and (captain) Michael Clarke in paragraph 5. Indian bowlers could spend the first three batters quickly, but Ponting and Clarke. What made the difference, with Ponting receiving more than 500 races and more than 600 Clarke. This is huge for a four-Test series.

How did you find the captaincy of Clarke?

He looked good, but its test will be abroad when he is away from housing conditions.

Finally, what is the way forward for India?

There must be a vision, a goal should be ... If you want to go back to the No.1 position in Test cricket, then you need to invest in young people with a high degree of potential.

Why India’s selection committee and policy need to be revamped

Srikkanth's team must not only pick players but also provide a sense of direction for the team.
It's almost as if the shadow of defeat is still loom large for those who want to rule on Indian cricket. The events of the last two weeks, post-Sydney almost certainly has given a negative connotation of immortality, both in the mold of Kim Jong-il. Notably, the statements from the head and shoulders of BCCI were typically range from the absurd, audacious, unreal and if you like it, almost as if indifferent to the events in Australia are just a creation of make-believe reality. Remorse, it must be said, is in acute shortage and shame, fear, none whatsoever. Efforts to stem the rot, if any, are not visible or worse, are not working. Almost like a ship without a rudder, there is a feeling of sunkenness which is in no way going to be easy to fix. A Council does not believe the diagnosis, care needs to the problems engulfing the sport in this country, a surgery or replacement therapy seems to be quickly and easily.

Selectors must be said are the heart of the problem, moving away from what they are paid to do - just pick the teams, but they provide a sense of direction and vision for a period of time possible. Subject to correction, I am inclined to believe that work and responsibility of the switch includes the following (or at least I hope so) - scouting (looking at how much cricket, local / national as possible), communication (with a range of players - seniors, juniors, Fringe), make decisions that are sometimes quite brave and, finally, get a lot of players (and I mean a squad here) that are closer to the kind of vision I have placed, and the direction they've chosen. I'm afraid, this hierarchy does not come better in all these respects. As the BCCI would emphasize repeatedly in bold, 18, underlined words, yes, they presided over the World Cup victory and ascension to the World # 1, but what next? I have no idea.

Selectors are in many ways as the "Director of Football" that are used in European leagues these days, which is not only entrusted with the donkey work of identifying and acquiring personal, but important, is supposed to secure these contracts within a vision framework - a critical aspect of the lack of Indian cricket today. Also, Indian selectors, past, present and future definitely come to think of selection as a two-hour meeting over coffee and filter Pongal, rather than a process that involves the method - both extensive and comprehensive course. So where exactly we have done it wrong?

Watching cricket enough, are we?

They are watching India's cricket selectors enough? Or let me quantify "enough" in the words of pure and simple - "as much as you can"? The answer is a resounding no. Having spoken extensively to national players who have been working all season, it seems that the presence of a selector during the Ranji matches is a bit of a privilege to have for those who play the games. But no, only a handful of games this season has been approached by those who are paid to watch cricket. What else could explain the case of a player being chosen for the national team, without the selector to see it even once, or for that matter through a handful of journalists or an opposition batsman assessment? Somehow, I am tempted to why they will not see as many games as they can? Lethargy, perhaps? Or is it simply the easiest way, where the best thing to do would be to agree with Ranji scores in the morning, or sit in all five for a game in Visakhapatnam India, anyway - is not that what they are paid mainly to do, unfortunately.

How can we fix it? Pretty simple, really. Instead of the contract that big fat check / be allocated on an annual basis, to introduce a fee-game system (implemented by some associations, the by) where you get paid only if you observe 90% of the domestic season, the other 10 % being international games that fall in your area. Hopefully this creates an incentive mechanism for the selectors to go outside, watch the "games as many as possible" and with the help of scouts, find some quality players.

Secondly, one of the problems with dynamic selection of India is the sudden emphasis on IPL, which curiously resembles, instead of Indian journalism today (tweets as quotes etc.) - easy way out. In India, which by definition is supposed to be a level below international cricket, it is now, unfortunately, seen as a fantastic opportunity to reward blood IPL starlets and sneak them into international cricket. The cover of India today, is worth the odd-four overs for 20, or a ball of twenty and fifty, as the road became much easier, with some red carpet along the way. Ask Rahul Sharma, yeah. Saurabh Tiwary Or for that matter.

The politics of the BCCI in this regard is rather confusing. To set it right, it should come up with specific guidelines where only those on the verge of selection test or ODI India to play the tours. Or should those who have fallen back to India to play before using the national colors again. You can not be promoting Twenty20 talent in important tasks. Likewise, the BCCI should also try and look at the creation of a parallel FTP for Team A, which means that when India is touring, say Australia, the team may be somewhere nearby, for example New Zealand or thereabouts. The revitalization of a team culture, with proper selection to go with it could become critical for India's Test cricket future.

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Pakistan humiliate England to take series

The 31-year-old twice took two wickets in successive overs to chase tooth of England after being set a 145-run target on the fourth day tired Abu Dhabi Stadium field, bowling them for 72 - their lowest against Pakistan in all tests.

Rehman is overshadowed efforts of Monty Panesar 6-62 in his first Test for 30 months that ended Pakistan's second innings at 214 in the morning.

This is the defeat of England, the first series after being unbeaten in their previous nine, since its loss to the West Indies in early 2009 - a sequence that saw the rise to world number one ranking test in August of the year the past.

Pakistan won the first race in Dubai by ten wickets. The third test will also be played in Dubai from February 3.

Rehman was ably assisted by off-spinner Saeed Ajmal (3.22) and Mohammad Hafeez (1-11) in a match that saw spinners dominated from the first day.

England lost their first four batsmen in the space of just 37 balls after a cautious start in a difficult field.

England captain Andrew Strauss topscored with 32 before becoming one of Rehman victims during their course of five wicket maiden.

In the penultimate over before tea, caught Kevin Pietersen Rehman (a) two balls and then rolled Eoin Morgan (nothing) to raise the hopes of an improbable victory for Pakistan.

Sensing they could only disrupt their rivals through early wickets, Pakistan opened the bowling with off-spinner Mohammad Hafeez who responded well to pick up Alastair Cook (seven) out of his own bowling after England had edged carefully to 21 by more than 15.

Bell, promoted to number three after Jonathan Trott was ill, was all at sea against the master spinner Saeed Ajmal and his attempt to push went through his legs to hit the stumps. He made only three.

Pietersen, who has been woefully out of shape to do only 16 races in the series, got one more before he and Rehman caught in it also had the most out of the way Morgan rolled dent England hopes of a victory.

Rehman then responded by Trott (a) and Stuart Broad (nothing) in the same 7-68 to leave England.

Ajmal dismissed Graeme Swann (nothing) and Matt Prior (18) to complete his 100 test wickets in his match 19 before Anderson was caught by Rehman to give Pakistan a sensational victory. (See box statistics)

England previous lowest against Pakistan was 130 - made on two occasions at The Oval in 1954 and Lahore in 1987.

Earlier, Pakistan lost their last six wickets with the addition of 89 runs after resuming 125-4, all hope stuck in Azhar Ali and Asad Shafiq.

Panesar took three wickets to end their five-course tests in the eighth wicket.

Azhar Ali (68) and Asad Shafiq (43) added 88 for the fifth wicket before Panesar struck.

But the decision of England to take the second new ball after he was due to dividends paid rich as dangerman Ali Anderson withdrew with a sharp increase delivery which caught the edge and was caught behind by Prior.

Ali hit eight boundaries during his 195 ball knock.

Broad then had Adnan Akmal (13) caught by Strauss in a hard slide on how ambitious the next Pakistan shrunk.

Rehman (10) and Ajmal (17) added an invaluable 36 for the eighth wicket before Panesar ended the innings with the last two wickets.

Reports of senior players retiring baseless: Team India

Rahul Dravid: Not retiring just yet
Team India issued a statement post their humiliating beating Adelaide refute reports of retirement
Rahul Dravid: Do not retire just yetDravid and any of the other senior players.

Team India issued a statement post their humiliating beating Adelaide refute reports of retirement
Rahul Dravid: Do not retire just yetDravid and any of the other senior players.

Indian team media manager GS Walia read the statement at the press conference after the game saying - ". The team has taken note of media stories suggesting the imminent retirement of a member of team India We would like to clarify the situation by stating categorically they are not correct and is unfounded. there is no doubt about it. "

Stand-in captain Virender Sehwag was also part of that briefing rejected the post-game reports. "I do not think there is a need for removal of a player on this team and they will take your call when they are needed and when they think their time is up." Sehwag said.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Australia rout India at Adelaide to complete whitewashAustralia rout India at Adelaide to complete whitewash

The Australian team celebrate victory during day five of the fourth Test Match against India at the Adelaide Oval.

Australia took less than an hour on the last day of the fourth test at Adelaide Oval today to complete his decimation of India and subject them for their second consecutive lime in a series of tests away. So much for this powerful series unilateral embarrassing being promoted as 'Thunder Down Under'!

India has no chance to pursue the target of 500 runs after the second statement Australia captain Michael Clarke of the game on 167 for five in their second innings yesterday and were duly thrashed by 298 runs, but to make the humiliation worse, the visitors went down again showing no stomach for a fight and work hard to make the hosts to victory. Australia's complete domination over India comes a year after they have been discussed in the Ashes series, and Don Argus review by Cricket Australia in the background of this loss will certainly put the team back on track to play consistently and winning. This is certainly something that the BCCI should have done after the lime in England, but if not done now, such humiliations continue to India.

The last leg rout completed a dismal first concert tour of Australia to the former number one team in testing. India was referred by 122 runs in Melbourne, for an innings and 68 runs in Sydney, and by an innings and 37 runs in Perth. Batting woes were banished from India in the last two test series away, and Adelaide was supposed to be the best chance for the line-up to redeem themselves. But the same sordid story was repeated in the apartment and Adelaide Oval wicket where India was rolled out to 272 and 201. In contrast,
Australia made optimum use of the batting-friendly conditions on offer and declared their first innings on 604 for seven centuries thanks to the double of Clarke and Ricky Ponting.

Run out into the Indian persecution worst possible start when Gautam Gambhir was dismissed on Thursday on Australia captain Michael Clarke was deservedly named Man of the Series. (Hamish Blair / Getty Images) their second innings at stumps and they entered the fourth day on 166 for 6, with the experienced middle-order no more than once. Ryan Harris and Man of the Match Peter Siddle (22 wickets in the series) had a night watchman Ishant Sharma and Wriddhiman Saha, respectively, caught behind by Brad Haddin in the third and fourth overs of the day to hasten the end of the match. Zaheer Khan struck three boundaries in his 18-ball 15 before he was caught by David Warner at short cover off Ben Hilfenhaus is bowling.

Hilfenhaus has topped the bowling with 27 wickets, which is more than one series to a player after 40 legendary Australian leg spinner Shane Warne's wickets in the 2005 Ashes series. Nathan Lyon took his fourth wicket of the innings to finish the game when Umesh Yadav had Haddin caught behind the stumps with R Ashwin remaining unbeaten on 15.

The only bright spot for India in the fourth test was Virat Kohli scoring his maiden Test century in first innings and he finished as top scorer of the team in the series with 300 runs at an average of 37.50. Kohli fade mind to go to a single risk and needlessly run out off the last ball of the penultimate over of the fourth day that summed up almost abject surrender of India Down Under.

Sachin Tendulkar, who scored 287 runs, had the satisfaction of being the second highest run scorer for India in the series, but that's not saying much. However, Rahul Dravid (194 runs), VVS Laxman (155 runs) and Virender Sehwag (198 runs) all let themselves down badly and its been a collective failure of the main factors that led to the humiliation of India.

In contrast, Clarke and Ponting, who came under a cloud this series were in sublime form. While Clarke was fighting to win acceptancy as captain Ponting was being hounded by critics, who felt the time had come for him to retire. But both answered his critics in the best possible way - by collecting the races.

Clarke, who was also praised for his shrewd captaincy and attacking, ended the series with 626 runs, including a triple and double century for a century, an average of 125.20. He is the only captain in 135 years to break a century doubles and even triples the Test series, and was deservedly named Man of the Series. Ponting scored 544 runs in the series, including two centuries and three half-centuries at an average of 108.80. He showed signs of recovering his form when he scored two half-century in Boxing Day Test, and that gave him the confidence to return to his best as the series went on to silence critics.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

We'll see how good Australian batsmen are once they play in India, Gautam Gambhir says We'll see how good Australian batsmen are once they play in India, Gautam Gambhir says

Despite what Adelaide Oval curator Damian Hough said on Friday about having no contact with Cricket Australia on the preparation of the field, Gambhir has accused Australia of wickets tailoring forces to meet the four-Test series.

Live Blog: Australia v India
Nathan Lyon

    * Adelaide Test, ball by ball coverage, live scores

Australia 3-0 lead before the fourth Test starting on Tuesday in Adelaide.

This Week on Inside Cricket
Rodney Hogg

Former Australian player quick Rodney Hogg joins Brendon Julian, Allan Border and Greg Blewett on Inside Cricket this week, ahead of the fourth Test in Adelaide and Big League Bash.

A fan favorite in his prime, Hoggie is a well known cricket commentator and opinionated Victorian is a welcome addition to the panel.

BJ and the boys will see India's attempts to avoid a series whitewash against Australia at Adelaide Oval, as well as bring the latest action as the BBL T20 nears its end.

Inside Cricket reporter Melinda Farrell also look at the state women's football in Australia, and parts of our week and the latest news from the international scene. Take all this and more in Monday night on Fox Sports 3HD & 3 at 8:30 pm EDT.

But Gambhir's already looking to tour India in Australia Test in 2013.

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India's batsmen were rolled out for 161 and 171 on a bouncy WACA pitch in the third test in Perth earlier this month to lose by an innings and 37 runs in less than three days of play.

India went to England in 2011 as part of the No.1 Test ranking, but lost four to zero and they are in danger of repeating the result against Australia.

"We are beginning to realize that when we go abroad, each country is preparing wickets to suit your own strengths," said Gambhir.

"We must be prepared according to our advantage as well. There should be a lot of talk when Australia, South Africa and England back home that we should be preparing for tournaments.

"We should be playing to our strength. If we

Sydney Sixers record thrilling win over Hobart Hurricanes to earn spot in KFC T20 Big Bash final

Sporting a bloody nose after a collision in the field with hurricanes batsman Phil Jaques, Steven Lee and Captain Smith grabbed two goals each as the Sixers defended what seemed to be a below par 6-153.
Test the former striker finished with impressive figures of 02.22 from his four overs after making the initial discovery in order to remove the opener Jonathan Wells to 11 and then hammering the final nails in a campaign of hurricanes with the wicket of Jason Krejza.
Smith finished with 22/02 from two overs, while old-stager Stuart MacGill has the vital wicket of top scorer Travis Birt of BBL 11 to start collecting the home team.
Only Jaques offered any real resistance with 63 off 48 before Smith rolled him for all trying to reverse sweep, but fighting against the Hurricanes end. "
Sixers stylish batsman Nic Maddinson top scorer for the visitors with 58 off 51 balls, eight fours as his side managed just two to six innings.
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The Hurricanes were in uncharted waters when they lost big guns Birt (11 off 15) and Owais Shah (0 off 3) within a race to be oscillating at 3-51.
Looking for one of his lesser lights to intensify, owner Tom Triffitt seemed likely to make 16 off 14 before he was caught superbly by a dip in Stephen O'Keefe 4-85.
Jaques brought his 50 off 42 balls, pulling Stuart MacGill for four, but when Matt Johnston went to just six home side were staring down the barrel of 5-107.
Lee said he had been putting in extra work liquid in an attempt to be right for the coming Australia one day matches after recovering from a surgery to have his appendix removed in South Africa
"That's why I'm running here," he said.
"The important thing for me is to go back and lead the attack a day.
"Hopefully we'll get the call to it."
He said the Sixers were still to play their best cricket as they head to the WACA.
"We played well batting wise, and then bowling wise, but we have not really put the two together," he said.
"Tonight was probably the best we've played collectively."
Hurricanes captain Xavier Doherty BBL campaign rated as fair to his side.
"Obviously you rate your success or failure to make the final or the Champions League," he said.
"Unfortunately we did not have much to get there. We gave him a good shaking."

Thursday, January 19, 2012

South Africa vs Sri Lanka, 4th ODI

It's that time of the series, when you wish there was a mercy rule. South Africa has already secured his trophy cabinet will have a surcharge, and Sri Lanka are empty-handed in a fourth consecutive series since the 2011 World Cup.

After losing the World Cup final, Sri Lanka suffered a miserable nine months in the field, despite being talented and hard-working side. Despite spending nearly eight weeks in South Africa, their batsmen have not got used to the conditions or the opposition. His bowlers lacked the killer instinct possessed with ruthless attack South Africa, and the area of ​​his game that need the most improvement is the fielding, where the lack of energy has been alarming.

That said, Sri Lanka ODI improved in all and I feel it's time they were good enough. The Sports Ministry called for an inquiry about their poor performances and Tillakaratne Dilshan have to motivate his players to put in two good shows before going home to face the music.

With the prize already won, South Africa will want to show they can maintain their intensity. The next two matches to give them a chance to test new combinations and give the reserves a run.

Form guide
South Africa Sri Lanka WWWLW LLLLL

Watch out for ...
Graeme Smith probably has two more innings to save his career one day. With Alvira Petersen showing signs that he may take the form of test for the format of fifty and more, and Hashim Amla set to return from paternity leave at the end of the series, the ax is hovering over Smith. He showed a lack of confidence in the crease and was not able to go. He just needs to extend its limited-overs career.

At 24, Angelo Mathews seems to have a huge amount of responsibility. Not only is he Sri Lanka vice-captain, but he also has to play a leadership role ALLROUNDER. He did not act in any role so far. What is clear is that it has the capacity, and has two more opportunities to show their skills South Africa.

News team ...
South Africa are spoiled for choice, particularly in the bowling department. Dale Steyn will be rested for the remaining games and Wayne Parnell will play. Vernon Philander may get the nod ahead of Morne Morkel, Johan Botha but is unlikely to replace Robin Peterson. The batting line-up will remain the same, with the 4th position flexible.

South Africa: (probable) 1 Graeme Smith, Alvira Petersen 2, 3 Colin Ingram, 4 AB de Villiers (capt & wk), 5 JP Duminy, Faf du Plessis 6, 7 Albie Morkel, Robin Petersen 8, 9 Wayne Parnell, Morne Morkel 10 / Vernon Philander, 11 Lonwabo Tsotsobe.

Mahela Jayawardene was dropped for the next few weeks with a back injury. Lahiru Thirimanne will play in his place, despite its position in the line-up has not yet been decided. Sachithra Senanayake arrived in South Africa and trained with the team, but Sri Lanka are yet to decide whether two spinners is a viable option at this site.

Sri Lanka: (probable) 1 Tillakaratne Dilshan (capt), Upul Tharanga 2, 3 Kumar Sangakkara (wk), 4 Dinesh Chandimal, Lahiru Thirimanne 5, 6 Angelo Mathews, Perera Thisa 7, 8 Nuwan Kulasekara, Lasith Malinga 9, 10 Rangan Herath, Dhammika Prasad 11

Pitch and conditions
While the ground staff left a bit of grass on the field of Kimberley, the sun probably bake it on a flat wicket for the match. Temperatures are warmer than in Bloemfontein and both sides can expect to sweat.

Stats and trivia
South Africa won five games in five of the Kimberley and chased them all. In his only match against Sri Lanka here in 2002, South Africa won by 8 wickets.
In ten games on this site, the fast bowlers have taken 99 wickets at 30.56, while spinners have only 17 wickets at 58.11.

"The training has been fantastic but sometimes there is more value in not training. There is no exact science. We feel there is a bit of fatigue in the dressing room."
Gary Kirsten explains why South Africa have had some down time over the last two days.

"When you are playing against a team like South Africa, who are playing really good cricket, it's difficult for us to get on top."
Sri Lanka are struggling to match their opposition, according to Mahela Jayawardene.

TBC vs TBC, 1st Semi Final T20

TBC VS TBC in the game would take the first Semi Final T20 Big Bash League. The start of TBC vs TBC is scheduled to be played in January 2012. The match between TBC vs TBC schedule would be Day / Night and played under flood light condition of the TBC.

It would be interesting to know the highlights of the TBC vs TBC, a semi final match of the series T20 Big Bash League / tournament. Highlights statistics and live cricket score of the game will be available on the site and Cricbuzz Cricinfo. Ring Tones Cricket tournament as the Big Bash League, World Cup ICC and IPL may be available on the Internet.

Tickets for Big League Bash is likely to be available in You can buy tickets TBC vs TBC and watch the game in TBC. Tickets TBC vs TBC, a T20 Semi Final match will be delivered to you by international mail. You must buy tickets at least one month before TBC vs TBC game begins. Tickets are useful if you live outside the city or country and want to watch the first game between T20 Semi Final TBC vs TBC.

Shah helps Hurricanes secure home semi-final

Extraordinary. Exciting. Bizarre. He summarized Hobart Hurricanes' last gasp win over Melbourne Renegades in Bellerive Oval, which ensured Xavier Doherty is a side Bash Big League semi-final at home.
Owais Shah played a match-winning innings for Hobart Hurricanes
Chasing 174, it came down to the most past. Renegades captain Andrew McDonald bet Shahid Afridi confident with the work. Hurricanes need 10 to win from six balls Afridi.

Before this climax, Renegades had been in control. Hurricanes needed 52 off 30 balls with Owais Shah, 26, and Jonathon Wells on 62. Afridi admitted 18 of more than 16, including a delivery that costs five wides, as he was unable to fight the movement pre-delivery and unusual beat Shah.

Shah was still there at the beginning of the final over, but he was arrested at the end of the non-striker. Phil Jaques had moved down to five to accommodate the inclusion of Mark Cosgrove. With 8 from 4 balls faced, Jaques top-edged a reverse sweep over short third man for three runs. The equation was seven out of five. Shah cut off point for the next one. Six off four. Fired a total aphid move that quickly reached Jaques on the pad. Do not run. Jaques squeezed one from the next, leaving five Shah's victory two balls. Afridi was on the verge of being the hero.

Then the twist. Shah retreated, Afridi dismissed full and broad, thin edge Shah succeeded to third man for four. Hobart needed off the last ball to avoid a super long. Afridi with a required width. Shah was not required to play a shot to win your next game. He was named Man of the Match for his unbeaten 49 from 30 balls.

Early in the game, Renegades seemed to have saved his best performance for their last tournament appearance. After winning the toss, Brad Hodge and Aaron Finch Hobart rollicked along in the sun. They hit an open position of 126 from just 13.3 overs. Finch made 67, 63 Hodge, as the pair hit four sixes and thirteen boundaries between them. The coup de grace Finch was three consecutive sixes against Jason Krejza. The offspinner had the last laugh, however, have Finches captured in long-off. Despite being expensive, Krejza picked up three important wickets.

Renegades were unable to capitalize on the incredible foundation that was laid. Hodge then left in another 14, they managed only 43 of the last 36 deliveries of the innings.

He made a compelling pursuit for a Hobart inform top order. Jonathan Wells made his highest score of the tournament - a well-compiled 72 from 61 balls. He was ably supported by the leaders of Big League Bash run scorer, Travis Birt, who hit 25 from 16 balls including three sixes in the space of six balls.

When Afridi trapped LBW Birt, Renegades regained the ascendancy before Shah came to do what he does best. He pursued them with controlled intelligent placement and excellent weather. He left the last ball to seal the victory, but he got the result they needed and his team secured a home semi-final in the process.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Misbah's late dismissal caps England's fightback

Off-spinner Graeme Swann arrested Pakistan captain Misbah-ul Haq on Swann takes the wicket Misbah in penultimate day after a review the penultimate over of the second day to help England fight back in the second test here on Wednesday.

A half-century from Misbah-their 11th in 13 tests as captain had saved Pakistan in a good position after openers Mohammad Hafeez had made 88 and Taufiq Umar 58 on a slow turning pitch Dubai Stadium.

But Swann arrested Misbah infront with a sharp input delivery and had the decision not out by umpire Billy Bowden of New Zealand overturned by decision review system (DRS) to advance the cause of England. Misbah had put on a valuable 52 runs for the sixth wicket with wicket-keeper batsman Adnan Akmal, who was undefeated in a gritty 24.

James Anderson ended the day on a high note for his team when he bowled Abdul Rehman (four) in the last to leave Pakistan on 288-7 at the close, a lead of 96 on England's first innings total of 192.

Postigo of Misbah apparently brought England back in the game. The Pakistani skipper had hit five boundaries during his beat 154-ball.

Scoreboard: England vs Pakistan, 1st test

England dispute Stuart Broad said wickets their team deserved at the end. "They deserve the wickets," said wide. "It was decision of Swann to take DRS because we had two and no use keep them in the hat, so we have this crucial wicket and now need to Bowl them quickly and score great second time".
Hafeez agreed wicket of Misbah was crucial. "Wicket of Misbah was expensive, but we are still in a strong position and with the rotating ball we still have a good chance in this game," said the opener.

Pictures: England vs Pakistan in UAE

Before Misbah, Pakistan lost the crucial wicket of Khan Younis (37) on the stroke of tea when experienced batsman offered no stroke to input delivery part-time Jonathan Trott and was judged leg-before.

England took the second new ball and more first of Anderson with he brought the downfall of Asad Shafiq (16) to leave Pakistan on 231-5, in danger of being fired by a small advantage.

It was the first wide that gave England the breakthrough in the morning session after the Pakistani openers, continuing to 42-0, played out the first 90 minutes without being separated. Huge scrolled Umar with a beautiful delivery that held its line and hit the off-stump, only one ball after Chris Tremlett fell Hafeez miscued a hook off which resulted in a single.

Umar struck 10 boundaries in his 58 and was calm during his stay of 113-ball at the crease. Three overs later, Broad shook a far Azhar Ali and had him caught behind by wicket-keeper Matt Prior, much to the jubilation of his teammates. Ali made only one.

England, who were poor against off spinner Saeed Ajmal (7-55) on the first day, were far short of its best defense. Ian Bell could not hit the stumps when Hafeez, batting on 44, ran for a single after pushing Tremlett at square-leg and was far short of his crease after being sent back by Umar. Pietersen also fell Adnan in nine outside Tremlett to Crown another difficult day for the number of a test team in the world, who have only won twice after suffering the lead in a test in the subcontinent-both against Pakistan in 1961 and 2000.

It was Umar who reached his fifty-first, beating Swann for two consecutive boundaries to complete your test half-century XIII. Hafeez reached his seventh with a single off Tremlett.

Swann finally dismissed Hafeez with a full pitched delivery as the batsman missed a scan. Hafeez hit eleven boundaries and a six during his solid 164-batted ball. Swann, who took 2-89, managed to annoy the batter as Azam did on Tuesday, but his final wicket brought England back in the game. Broad and Anderson also had two wickets each.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Tiwary, Irfan eye good show in Aus

Manoj Tiwary was made in Brett Lee for a very hot day during his ODI debut back in Brisbane in 2007-08 and he wants to go ahead with it.

Irfan Pathan won the man-of-the-match award during the Perth Test on that tour very memorable and he also wants to move on.

Both are in the squad for the ODI tri-series and they are eager to make every opportunity during the next month.

"The 100 against West Indies has been my knock forward and I'm more mature now. Having played against the likes of Dale Steyn and batting in IPL against Brett Lee and James Pattinson networks in KKR has certainly helped me," said Tiwary PTI on Monday.

His team mate Irfan also believes in action rather than rest on the laurels of the past.

"I had a good international debut in Australia and I won the man-of-the-match in Perth against them. But that is past now and will be a new series that'll have to make the best of my abilities," Pathan said by phone from Vadodara.

When both were asked the same question about whether it is difficult for a new player to join a team that has been losing a lot, the two cricketers tried to put things in perspective.

"It takes one match to change things. I think our team has the ability to do that and God willing, that recovery will take place in Adelaide," said Pathan.

Manoj on his part said: "The team may have lost some games, but in recent months I have been a part of the ODI set-up, the atmosphere in the locker room has been fantastic. I have a lot of help elderly, who made me feel settled. "

Asked about his preparation for Australia, Manoj said: "My trips back to India A team helped me prepare well. I am confident that I can do well in fields bouncy."

With Baroda eliminated in the league phase, Irfan has many competitive games to fall back on and is eager to play club matches.

"I wish I had a bit of match practice before I left for Australia. I planning to play some games in Baroda.
I'll work a little fine-tuning my batting and also like to bowl a few overs, "said Irfan.

"I believe in giving my hundred percent and have faith in God. When you play for your country, hunger for success will always be there," said the talented versatile.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dhoni suspended for fourth test

Mahendra Singh Dhoni's casual approach to the art of test captaincy caught up with him on Sunday when he was banned for India's fourth test against Australia.

The one-match ban for his team's failure to maintain an acceptable over rate completed a miserable day for Dhoni, who was dismissed for two runs as India crumbled to an innings and 37-run defeat at the WACA to go 3-0 down in the four-match series.

"The India team has been fined for maintaining a slow over-rate during the third test against Australia in Perth," read an International Cricket Council news release.

"As this is the second offence within 12 months India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been suspended for the next test match in line with the ICC Code of Conduct."

India were two overs shy of the minimum rate required, the governing ICC said. The first offence was committed in the second test against West Indies in Barbados in July.
"Dhoni also acknowledged that he had been kept informed of the position regarding over rates on a regular basis throughout the match and therefore accepted the decision," the ICC added.

News of the ban, which came after Dhoni had already spoken to the media, is hardly likely to alleviate criticism of the 30-year-old after three humiliating defeats in Australia.

It is not only that it comes on the back of the 4-0 drubbing in England last year, which saw India relinquish the number one spot in the test world rankings, that has infuriated many in India but the sheer lack of fighting spirit displayed.

"Certainly, this is one of the worst phases where we have not done consistently well," Dhoni conceded.
"The Australian team is playing very good cricket at the moment and we are not playing to the potential we have got and that's the results why it looks so different.

"It was exactly the same in England. Most of the time the series gets interesting when both teams are in very good form, or both the sides are in very bad form. That is not the case."


There was fury from some of the Indian media at Dhoni's continued inability to analyse the poor results beyond stating that India needed to "score more runs and take more wickets".

The hero of India's triumph in the 50-over World Cup on home soil last year continued in similar vein, however, and even his mea culpa had an air of routine about it.

"I need to blame myself," he said. "I am the leader, the major culprit. So yes, of course, I blame myself."
It was then alleged once again that he did not take test cricket seriously.

"I know how seriously I take it, for anyone else to judge how seriously or not I take something is very difficult," he said.

He also faced criticism for not getting angrier with his players when they were not performing, deflecting the charge by saying it was a matter of culture.
"Most of our cricketers have really stepped up as the need has come and we don't really need to use extreme measures," he said.

"Of course we need to do better soon but most of us are feeling bad about it because we are professional cricketers and we are human beings and we all run on emotion."

SAURAV Ganguly, predecessor of the Dhoni as captain of India, received a two match ban for slow bowling an offence similar in 2004.

Captain vice that Sehwag is likely to get juggling to replace Dhoni as captain in Adelaide, where the fourth test takes place next week. Wriddhiman Saha is likely to be elected as wicketkeeper.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

India vs Australia (Day 3) - Live updates

Australia's Mitchell Starc celebrates with his teammates after taking a wicket against India on the second day at the WACA ground in Perth on Saturday.

Indians started the day with 88 for 4 and lost two valuable wickets of Dravid and Dhoni. Virat Kohli is playing beautifully and is on 69. India at lunch is 165 for 6 with Virat Kohli on 69 and Vinay Kumar on 6. Eventful pre-lunch session. Can Kohli hold on the fort with the long tail wagging? India still trails by 43 runs and 4 wickets to go. Let us watch after lunch and we will be here after lunch to take you through the match.

Siddle continues with Kohli on strike. He will end the last before lunch. Wonderful delivery Siddle hitting Kohli. Another beauty of Siddle who loses just the edge of the bat of Kohli. Excellent Siddle material. Excellent over de Siddle and it is lunch.

10.00 Hilfenhaus continues and Kohli glances the first ball for a single and moves to 69. Vinay Kumar on strike and Hilfenhaus will attack the tail-ender? Three more deliveries to go. Good defensive shot of Vinay Kumar. Beautiful races Vinay Kumar and shot the ball to the boundary as a bullet and is 165 for 6.

9.55 Siddle bowls a beauty to start up for Vinay Kumar. The tail-enders will be there with Kohli until he reaches his century? Nice confident defensive shot of Vinay Kumar. Beautiful shot Vinay Kumar through skins and takes two races. Great Siddle delivery and it is of 160 to 6. Beautiful delivery to end with the excess.

9.50 Hilfenhaus begins with a wide and next ball Kohli places well outside and ball races to the limit. India moves to 153 for 6. Kohli moves to 64. Gorgeous crossed covers for four. The passage of Indians to 157 for 6 with Kohli batting on 68 and Vinay Kumar in 0.

Vinay Kumar plays safely the last two balls of Siddle.

9.45 Siddle continues with Dhoni on strike. Is once again a poor shot selection of Indian captain. Siddle induces Dhoni on the drive and the ball has the outer rim and a very good catches by Ricky Ponting in landslides. India lose their sixth wicket and is 148 for 6. Bad form of Dhoni this series continues.

Hilfenhaus 9.40 for the attack. Kohli on strike. The score remains at 148 for 5.

9.35 Still 65 runs to go. Siddle is to attack and Kohli on strike. Kohli drives through the covers and takes two races and he moves 57. Kohli whips the ball through this time in hand and takes another couple. Again on cushions and Kohli plays it on the side to a single leg and is 148 for 5. Kohli moves to 60.

9.30 Kohli plays the first ball of Harris to fine leg and performs a single (it is a leg-bye). Swinging a Dhoni and he tries to play on the team, but involves on the pad. Another good delivery, Dhoni glances the ball to fine leg for two leg-byes. Harris induces Dhoni outside off stump to drive, but the ball loses the outer rim. Is 143 for 5.

9.25 With the wicket of Dravid, will be the Australians bowlers skittle out India, taking the remaining wickets. Kohli played the first of Starc about through his hand and takes three races. Dhoni on strike with Stardoll styled OU ... fires on the next delivery and the ball loses only the outside edge of the Dhoni. Good solid defense of Dhoni. Dhoni runs quickly and overthrow will fetch you two races and it opens your account with this two races. At the end of 52 about he is 140 for 5 with Dhoni in 2 and Kohli in 55.

The Indian Captain M.S. Dhoni coming to the crease. It will play your natural game aggressive or play a waiting game? No more damage done and than 135 for 5.

9.20 Harris continues and is Dravid on strike. It's really hard for Australians bowlers in hot and humid conditions in Perth. Harris once again off the outside of the probes Dravid trunk, but Dravid is with the brand. Beautifully Harris delivery bowled and Dravid is scrolled. The ball pitches above and a full length delivery and Dravid is scrolled once. and he is 135 for 5. The innovative Australia must have worked for a long time.

9.15 Starc continues and is Dravid on strike. Dravid plays his waiting game to near perfection. Wonderful things of Starc. Starc brings the ball, changing its angle and beats of Dravid bat and pad and he escapes. Beautiful car straight from Dravid and the ball past racing Defender mid-on for a four and moved to 46 and 134 is for 4. Dravid plays his leg-natural look and takes a unique and moves to 47. End of Starc capacity and it; s 135 for 4 and trails of India by 73 runs.

9.10 Kohli mutes his critics with his excellent batting in both innings. But he has to play a big hit this time around. Harris opens more with two deliveries wide outside the off stump and Dravid has no problem, leaving them to the goalkeeper. Michale Clarke seems to continue his tactics by shuffling bowlers around. Dravid just touches the ball to your side and takes a single very fast and 42 moves and is 130 for four (India tracks per 78 runs). Excellent delivery of Harris. Cutting ball and leaves Kohli surprised. India remains at 130 for four.

9.00 A prettier ordinary Ryan Harris ends. Starts with two deliveries wide outside off that Kohli leaves well alone. Drifts generally to the pads and all over the place. Kohli reaches his third test fifty and he is on 52 and is 129 by 4. Delivery good for abolishing the post and he is beverages. At the end of 48 overs is 129 by 4 with Kohli in 52 and Dravid on 41.

8.57 Starc continues and Dravid on strike. Starc surprises Dravid with a ball that kept very low and through keeper Haddin. Too good to leave by DRavid and good over de STarc. It is 122 for 4.

8.55 Continues Siddle and Kohli on strike. Beautiful Siddle ball but Kohli also for the task, cut the ball through the gully fielders and races to the border. Kohli moves to 43. Very good car of Kohli and the mid-off fielder hits and takes two races. At the end of 45 overs is 122 for 4.

8.50 Starc of continues and Dravid on strike. Very good delivery and Dravid Starc plays it well to defend it. Very good over de Starc and he is a maiden and India remains on 116 for 4.

8.45 Continues Siddle and Kohli on strike. Kohli taps the ball-by-side in a pair of races and moves in 39. The next ball runs into Kohli, but he plays safely on Earth. Good final provision and more than 116 to 4. India 92 still runs behind.

8.40 Mitchell Starc for the attack. Kohli on strike. Good solid defense of Kohli. A beauty of Starc and Kohli leaves it to the keeper Haddin. Starc calls for an LBW, but Kumar Dharmasena says no. The ball launching online only loses the leg Stump. Kohli takes one of the last ball. At the end of 42 overs is 114 for 4 with Dravid on 41 and Kohli in 37

Peter Siddle 8.35 Clarke brings in for the attack. Siddle starts with a fuller length ball for Kohli. A wide delivery outside the off stump and Kohli has no problem to leave it alone for the goalkeeper. Kohli and Dravid are playing a waiting game. His shot selection is very good this entry. It is expected that the young Virat Kohli came out with a determination. Kohli glances to leg-side ball and takes a single and is 113 for 4.

8.30 Harris continues and Kohli takes a quick single from the first ball and moves to 36. It is 112 to 4. Beautiful delivery by Harris drawing Dravid and drive the ball loses the bat by inches. Another wonderful Harris. It is 112 to 4.

8.27 Dravid plays a wonderful shot out of hand for Hilfenhaus and takes three races. Kohli taps the ball over the team and takes three races and is Nelson to 4. India still trails by 97 runs.

8.25 Harris continues with Kohli on strike. Harris surprises Kohli with a good short ball and hits the bat and races to the lucky break limit for Kohli. At the end of 105 to 38 overs with Dravid is 4 in 38 and Kohli in 32.

8.20 Hilfenhaus continues and Kohli punches outside and takes a couple to take him to 27. Kohli taps the ball very well and leads to a quick single and is 97 for 4. Hilfenhaus bowling very good for probing outside the out of Dravid trunk. Dravid cuts the ball powerfully and ball races for the border and has 101 for 4.

8.15 Harris on attack and Kohli on strike. Trails India by 117 runs now. Kohli whipls the leg-side ball and takes a couple and moves to 24 and India 93 for 4. (lead by 115 runs). Another side of the leg, Kohli takes a single to take India to 94 for 4. At the end of 36 overs is 94 for 4.

8.10 Hilfenhaus continues and Dravid on strike. Good shot but straight to Hussey in point. Dravid heat the ball to the fielder of point with soft hands and takes a single. Of 90 to 4 and Dravid moves to 34. Kohli and Dravid takes a quick single off the last ball and he is 91 to 4.

8.05 Harris continues from the other end and begins her over with a good delivery, surprises Dravid with the swing. Another beauty of Harris. Dravid runs and the ball hit his bat and stumps of passing to the goalkeeper. Dravid drives the ball to the leg side for the first run of the morning and he is 89 for 4.

8.00 Players run the Centre. HIlfenhaus initiates the process. The leading wicket taker in the series bowls for Kohli. Hilfenhaus tests out the off stump Kohli. Good first post from India and Hilfenhaus remains in 88 to 4.

Hot day at the WACA, Perth. The game is about to begin.

Three days ago. Dravid Will put a great Kohli and to relieve the India partnership problems or will we see the same old story again as we saw in Melbourne and Sydney. Wait till 08 IST when the game starts. India will take a miracle to Perth?

At the end of the day India were 88 for 2 and 4 still trails Australia by 120 runs. Dravid in 32 and Kohli in 21 are in the crease.

Once the Indian batsmen succumbed to the Australian onslaught by losing four wickets for only 51 to Sehwag, Gambhir, Tendulkar and Laxman back to the Pavilion. Dravid and brought India to Kohli security without losing another wicket to 88. Mitchell Starc struck two telling blows removing Tendulkar and Gambhir.

Day two. At the beginning of the game he once again was dominated by Warner and Cowan which continued its onslaught and went on to put a partnership of two hundred. The opening partnership sought 214 and Indian bowlers dominated and restricted to a score of 369 and the leadership was 208 runs.

India vs Australia (Day 2) - As it happened

And that's it. A busy day comes to an end with the decision-making team honors. Fourteen wickets fell on the day 2. Kohli and Dravid must play big knocks to bail out India from problems. India still trails over Austrlia by 120 runs with three full days to go. There will be a response from the other Indian batsmen or will be a defeat innings. Let's wait and see.

15.30 Dravid and Kohli are playing the waiting game and are eager to end the day without losing another wicket. Siddle tests Dravid with their supplies and inputs ones. Most beautiful of Siddle comes to an end.

15:27 Tests over Ryan Harris comes to an end. Throwing around outside and moving away sharply, Dravid has no clue. Even the best batsmen cannot get an advantage over it.

15.25 Siddle to continue and Dravid is on strike. Siddle bangs the first short ball and the ball hits Dravid on the hips. Dravid runs with his defensive shot and play it safely to the Defender. Siddle is probing Dravid off off-stump. Another good along the Siddle and India remains at 86 for 4.

15.20 Hussey continues with Kohli on strike. It takes a single off the first ball. Dravid tries to cut the ball, but she went straight to the fielder at barranco. Dravid plays a larger ball to the boundary and takes a single point and moves to 32. At the end of the day 29 about he is 86 for 4.

15.15 Siddle continues and Dravid plays a shot through the slip cordon for another four and moves for 30 and India 78 for 4. Good delivery and equally well played by Dravid. Dravid taps the next ball for a single and moves to 31 and 79 India for 4. Kohli will face the ball two remaining of Quinta da Siddle. Kohli pulls the ball in front of their eyes and the races of the ball to the boundary. Kohli is a very good player in the side. Siddle only pitches it short and Kohli quickly on him and punishes the ball for a four. Once again Kohli taps the ball on the side for a single. At the end of the day 28 about him is 84 to 4 with Dravid on 31 and Kohli in 19.

15.10 Clarke brings Mike Hussey for the attack. A change of surprise. Dravid plays a shot through his hand and takes a single to take India to 74 for 4. Beautiful Hussey's delivery. Hussey bowling is in accordance with the plans. It is 74 for 4.

15.05 Clarke bring in Siddle into the attack with Kohli on strike. Selection of shooting of players is really good. Kohli plays at a glance beautiful leg and the ball races to the limit that takes Kohli to India to 14 and 73 for 4. At the end of the day 26 along the India remains precariously on 73 for 4 with Kohli in 14 and Dravid on 26.

15.00 Starc of continues and Dravid on strike. Excellent Starc ball. Dravid plays a beautiful shot about SnagIt and ball races for the limit that takes Dravid to 25 and India for 69 to 4. India still trails by 139 runs and three full days to go. Another great delivery that angles between Dravid and loses the bat by inches. The slip cordon, the goalkeeper and bowler went in conjunction with the feature, but says that the arbitrator did not. At the end of the day 25 throughout India is still in 69 for 4.

14.55 Kohli plays an excellent shot of hand and takes two races outside Hilfenhaus next over. Hilfenhaus Kohli tests with deliveries side leg's inswinging corner. At the end of 24 overs is 65 for 4.

14.50 Clarke brings Starc for the attack. Kohli on strike. Kohli just puts the ball in the gap and Warner stops the ball before the boundary line and the Indians took two races and India moves to 58 for 4. Kohli plays the next ball down the floor and the races of ball to the boundary. India moves to 62 for 4. India still trails by 146 runs. The big question mark is whether India will make Australia bat again. Kohli taps the ball from side to have a single leg and moves to India and 63 to 4 8. At the end of the day 23 on he is 63 to 4 with Dravid on 21 and Kohli on 8

Beverage break is. Another 14 overs to be bowled today. Will this pair play out the remaining overs, it remains to be seen.

14.45: Continues Hilfenhaus and Kohli on strike. Much depends on this pair of Kohli and Dravid. Kohli takes a sharp single to open his account and he is 52 to 4. Dravid glances the ball to the boundary and its 56 for 4. Dravid moves to 21.

14.40 will be correspondence about in less than three days or Indians can put up a fight? We will have to wait. Starc continues and Dravid on strike. Dravid plays a solid defensive shot. Another beautiful Starc delivery which runs Dravid to play the ball with soft hands. Another good along the Mitchell Starc and India remains at 51 to 4.

Virat Kohli comes to the middle. Good over de Hilfenhaus and India remain precariously on 51 to 4.

14.35 Hilfenhaus continues and Laxman. Laxman gone and it's easy wicket for Hilfenhaus. Laxman borders the ball to the slip cordon and is well accepted by Marsh and is 51 for four. the same level.

14.30 Starc continues and Dravid is on strike. Dravid punches the ball through his hand and take three races and scoring movements to 51 for three. Starc is bowling beautifully this entry. He took two important wickets that of Gambhir and Tendulkar. A very good short ball of Starc and Dravid we felt under it. At the end of the 19th century on it is 51 for 3 with Dravid and Laxman 17 in yet to get off the mark.

14.25 Hilfenhaus brought to the attack with Dravid on strike. Racing hard for ball bars Dravid and it to the limit of coverage for four and movements Dravid for 12 and 46 for India to 3. Once again a bad ball Hilfenhaus. Dravid cuts the ball and takes two comfortable racing and he is 48 for 3.

V.V.S. Laxman out toward the middle. India still trails by 166 runs.

14.20 Starc Gets the little master. A fuller length ball struck Tendulkar on the front and the ball just went and replay shows the ball reaches the top of the leg Stump and once again the opportunity going abegging to Tendulkar. The India again in trouble deep and it is 42 to 3. Starc strike again in his second over. Tendulkar is not really happy with the decision.

14.15 Siddle to continue and Tendulkar is on strike. Tendulkar advances and crosses with your shot and takes a single.Tendulkar looks for the second race, but rightly is sent again by Dravid. Siddle Bowls in stumps that does not provide any leverage for the swing of arms of Dravid and Tendulkar. Continues to be an excellent over Peter Siddle and India on 42 for 2.

14.10 Harris to continue and Tendulkar on strike. For the pads Tendulkar plays an excellent shot and is well-fielded by Siddle. Tendulkar settles for two. It is 40 to 2. Tendulkar once again their movements and takes a single pads. At the end of 15 about India moves to 41 for 2 people with Dravid in 8 and Tendulkar on 7.

14.05 Siddle continues and Tendulkar is on strike. Racing hard for ball bars Tendulkar and he to the limit. Tendulkar opens your account with four and India goes to 37 for 2. Siddle bowls delivers a beautiful, Tendulkar didn't offer any shot and the ball hits the keyboard and the cry for LBW is turned down by referee Kumar Dharmasena. Tendulkar plays a defensive shot and misses the stumps and Tendulkar takes a single, which is 38 to 2.

14.00 both hitters have to leave your mark. Is Harris from the other end. A during Starc. Is quite interesting tactics of Michael Clarke. India still trails by 183 runs. Racing hard for ball bars Dravid and he to the limit and is 29 to 2. Dravid opens your account with four. Harris delivery Beaufitul, Dravid plays it with soft hands and once again reaches the limit. Dravid offers 8 and he is 33 to 2. Dravid borders the ball to the slip cordon. Harris probes Dravid out the stump out.

He brings Sachin Tendulkar to the middle. Once again millions of Indian fans awaiting his 100th international century. He will score this time .... This game is heading to a finish of three days. Very good delivery to Tendulkar to start with. Siddle induces Tendulkar forward and the ball went just the bat and up to the goalkeeper. Excellent lifelong Siddle and India continues to be 25 to 2.

13.55 Michael Clarke bring Peter Siddle into the attack. Change at both ends. Clarke used his bowlers smart in the first innings. Sehwag is on strike. Sehwag plays the first ball with soft hands for the defender of barranco. And he was gone. Once again the same pitched up delivery of Siddle that brings the fall of Sehwag. Sehwag plays the ball and the border is cheerfully taken by keeper Haddin and is 25 to 2. And still the bad form of Sehwag ...

Now is Rahul Dravid in the crease. Dravid will play the waiting game? Once again a beautiful delivery of Starc, Dravid plays it safely. Starc bowls Dravid in his strength i.e. on the side of the leg. Dravid is completely out of shape in this series. This will be a big occasion for him? A good over de Starc. And is 24 to 1.

13.50 a change of bowling from the other end. Starc is replaces Harris and Sehwag warmed up the ball from side to a single leg. A good short ball takes the wicket of Gambhir. Starc stuns Gambhir with the short ball. Gambhir is completely out of balance while playing the shot and it is well accepted by Hussey in barranco. the first wicket falls for India. Starc strikes in his first over. India 23 to 1 with Gambhir gone.

13.45: Hilfenhaus continues and Sehwaag on strike. India still trail Australia by 186 runs. Sehwag heat the leg-side ball and it went straight to the fielder. A defensive shot of Sehwag will fetch you a unique and he moves to 9 and India 23 for no loss. India remains in 23 for no loss.

13.40 Harris continues and immediately beat Sehwag. Sehwag plays a defensive shot.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

India vs Australia - Live updates (Day 1)

Indian captain M.S. Dhoni with his Australian counterpart Michael Clarke.

8.20: Both the bowlers are bowling exceptionally well.

Eventful over it is from Hilfenhaus. Sehwag was out for a duck and Dravid was comprehensively beaten.

8.15: And now it is Rahul Dravid comes out in the middle. First ball Rahul Dravid just leaves the ball to the keeper. Hilfenhaus bowls that beats the defence of Rahul Dravid. Rahul Dravid off the mark with a single of the last ball of the fourth over. It is 6 for one.

8.12: Now Sehwag will face Hilfenhaus. Hilfenhaus strucks with his second ball of his second over. Sehwag edges it and Ponting did no mistake and India loses its first wicket and it is 4 for 1. Once again in this series, Hilfenhaus accounted for Sehwag.

8.10: Ryan Harris starts his next over. In the first ball he appeals confidently for LBW but the umpire is unmoved. The ball was just pitching outside the leg and going down the leg stump. Gambhir scores two runs of the fifth ball and India was 4 for no loss in the third over.

8.05: Hilfenhaus shares the new ball with Ryan Harris. Hilfenhaus is the leading wicket-taker in this series. Gambhir scores a single of the fifth ball of Hilfenhaus over and once against Sehwag was left one ball to face. No damage done of the last ball of the second over.

8.02: Gambhir scores the first run for India in this Test. Sehwag left one ball to face and there it is 1 for no loss in the first over.

8.00 am: Ryan Harris bowls the first over and Gambhir faces it.

And here we go, Virender Sehwag and Gambhir are out in the middle

Millions of Sachin Tendulkar fans are keeping their fingers crossed once again whether he will reach the milestone of 100 international hundreds

The teams are

Australia: DA Warner, EJM Cowan, SE Marsh, RT Ponting, MJ Clarke, MEK Hussey, BJ Haddin, PM Siddle, RJ Harris, MA Starc, BW Hilfenhaus

India: V Sehwag, G Gambhir, R Dravid, SR Tendulkar, VVS Laxman, V Kohli, MS Dhoni, Zaheer Khan, Ishant Sharma, Umesh Yadav and R. Vinay Kumar

In his expert commentary, former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly said that the Indian batsmen should bat very very well to stay in contention.

While his Indian counterpart M.S. Dhoni said "We would have liked to bowl as well. The Perth wicket will help the fast bowlers more than spinners. We are a side that has done well in the big venues, we have done well on green tracks."

Australian captain Michael Clarke after winning the toss said that "The pitch has got a fair bit of grass, and we decided to go in with four quicks. India are a strong team, with a lot of knowledge and experience, we need to be strong this morning."

Australia made two changes to its team. Mitchell Starc comes in place of Nathan Lyon and Ryan Harris comes in place of Pattinson. India also made one change with Vinay Kumar replacing Ashwin. Kohli gets another chance.

And here it is Australian captain Michael Clarke won the toss and elected to bowl first.

Will it be a all pace attack by both the Indian and Australian teams, we will wait and see.

And also a startling analysis from a reader. Ravichandran Ashwin was the second highest run-getter for India after Sachin Tendulkar. No other recognised batsmen like Sehwag, Gambhir, Dravid, Laxman, Kohli and Dhoni are there in the list.

With the defeat in the first two Test matches, millions of Indian fans across the word are expecting a turnaround from this team which had held the No.1 spot in Test cricket. As you all know India lost their No.1 status to England during 2011. India lost all the four Test matches to England.

India's record at Perth is 1-2. India won a match at Perth in 2008 by 72 runs. Team India was led by the leg-spinner Anil Kumble.

In the second Test at Sydney, India were routed by the Australian pacemen. India was dismissed for a meagre 191 runs in the first innings. Led by the captain Michael Clarke, Ricky Ponting and Michael Hussey, Australian posted a mammoth total of 659 for four and dismissed India in the second innings for 400 to win the Test by an innings and 68 runs.

In the first Test at Melbourne, Team India had their moments but due to the failure of the middle-order, Australia beat India by 122 runs.

Before going to the live updates, here are the recap of the first two Tests at Melbourne and Sydney in which India were beaten convincingly by Australia.

Hello and welcome to the live updates of the third Test between India and Australia at Perth.

Sachin has himself to blame

In a dismal display, India even couldn't reach the only thing that might have sent them to Perth with a positive note — a century of international hundreds of Sachin Tendulkar. A hundred Tendulkar at the SCG would have not only given to Indian team something positive to reflect, he would have also got the monkey off his back and probably helped the other hitters relax. God knows who need something not smelling salts to revive their flagging fortunes.

Tendulkar has only itself to blame for not reaching the magical Milestone; He was brilliantly the SCG, but once again could not dictate to the bowlers as he neared the milestone. And this time, there was no excuse; He was facing a part-time move and refused to take the attack to Michael Clarke.

A line of rated Australian 659/4 (especially after having been 37/3) suggests that the bowlers were to blame for the mess in which India is that is not the case; a total of 191 first entries is where India lost the game.

Saved first

In Australia, it is crucial to a good start when batting. The first two hours of a game is always a battle to the batter but victory that continued, or even stay in terms of level, and there are rewards to be reaped in the afternoon sun. When you lose four wickets in the first session, the battle is all but lost and India never recovered from this setback.

The plus was the second Gautam Gambhir entry form. He showed a positive attitude and a range of aggressive stroke, but he still fell the same mistake he made in the first period of log replay activity. Part of the art of batting is to learn from the mistakes and the Indian batsman, Tendulkar included, are paying to repeatedly fall into the same trap.

Garmin is the batsman Sehwag who desperately needs to learn from his mistake of constantly beat the cut shot into the air. Sehwag might say, "That's the way I play", but sometimes, when the opposition makes a move to combat its brightness, you have to adjust to stay one step ahead. Nothing could revive fortunes of India faster than a hallucinating hitting the WACA of Sehwag.

India also is paying for a short selection policy over the past few years. The batting line-up has been clamoring for an injection of youth and perhaps six losses abroad in succession will convince the selectors of the error of his ways.

The selectors face now make changes when the team is down, never the ideal time for blooding young players. However, they have nothing to lose; the elderly are struggling to cope with a rampant Australian bowling attack and perhaps a bit of youthful brashness India's fortunes will change.

A century of Tendulkar in the SCG would be helped lift the gloom in the camp of India. Now, he will lead a Tendulkar century at WACA, after an attack of Sehwag, to keep alive the India.


India lost the second test by an innings and 68 runs.

Friday's defeat is successive test loss away 6. The third defeat of entries in 6 tests out.

XXI try Sachin Tendulkar protect his hundredth ton ended when he was fired by 80.

India's score of 400 in the second entry was the team's best batting display abroad for the past 6 months. In the last 22 innings, team crossed 300 only 4 times in testing out.

Dismissal of Sachin triggered a collapse. Four wickets fell for just 15 runs