Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pressure of 1st Test defeat led to England's whitewash in UAE series: Mudassar

Former Pakistan opener Mudassar Nazar said it was the pressure of the first Test defeat in the UAE has created doubts in the minds of players from England, and later led to his lime in the series.

"They have some quality batsmen, but the impact of the loss of Test 1 was too much to bear - with obvious benefits for all Pakistan Pakistani players like Saeed Ajmal, Umar Gul and Abdur Rehman rolled well and there was some help from the pitch. - the ball was coming, but not that clearly. Even Umar Gul took wickets at crucial moments during the series, "Mudassar quoted as saying.

He said he was surprised by the lime.

"They went to India for an ODI series and were whitewashed, and then they came here and this has happened - in a way a loss was not totally unexpected, but nobody expected England to bend so softly in the UAE United - that's a total surprise, "he added.

Mudassar said he was confident about returning to England against Sri Lanka.

"It will be difficult for them against India but against Sri Lanka because they do not have a quality spinner and let's be honest, the Sri Lankan bowling attack is not as good as that of Pakistan, which should give them some space breathing, and in time, before the series in India to regain their confidence, "he added.


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