Saturday, January 14, 2012

India vs Australia (Day 2) - As it happened

And that's it. A busy day comes to an end with the decision-making team honors. Fourteen wickets fell on the day 2. Kohli and Dravid must play big knocks to bail out India from problems. India still trails over Austrlia by 120 runs with three full days to go. There will be a response from the other Indian batsmen or will be a defeat innings. Let's wait and see.

15.30 Dravid and Kohli are playing the waiting game and are eager to end the day without losing another wicket. Siddle tests Dravid with their supplies and inputs ones. Most beautiful of Siddle comes to an end.

15:27 Tests over Ryan Harris comes to an end. Throwing around outside and moving away sharply, Dravid has no clue. Even the best batsmen cannot get an advantage over it.

15.25 Siddle to continue and Dravid is on strike. Siddle bangs the first short ball and the ball hits Dravid on the hips. Dravid runs with his defensive shot and play it safely to the Defender. Siddle is probing Dravid off off-stump. Another good along the Siddle and India remains at 86 for 4.

15.20 Hussey continues with Kohli on strike. It takes a single off the first ball. Dravid tries to cut the ball, but she went straight to the fielder at barranco. Dravid plays a larger ball to the boundary and takes a single point and moves to 32. At the end of the day 29 about he is 86 for 4.

15.15 Siddle continues and Dravid plays a shot through the slip cordon for another four and moves for 30 and India 78 for 4. Good delivery and equally well played by Dravid. Dravid taps the next ball for a single and moves to 31 and 79 India for 4. Kohli will face the ball two remaining of Quinta da Siddle. Kohli pulls the ball in front of their eyes and the races of the ball to the boundary. Kohli is a very good player in the side. Siddle only pitches it short and Kohli quickly on him and punishes the ball for a four. Once again Kohli taps the ball on the side for a single. At the end of the day 28 about him is 84 to 4 with Dravid on 31 and Kohli in 19.

15.10 Clarke brings Mike Hussey for the attack. A change of surprise. Dravid plays a shot through his hand and takes a single to take India to 74 for 4. Beautiful Hussey's delivery. Hussey bowling is in accordance with the plans. It is 74 for 4.

15.05 Clarke bring in Siddle into the attack with Kohli on strike. Selection of shooting of players is really good. Kohli plays at a glance beautiful leg and the ball races to the limit that takes Kohli to India to 14 and 73 for 4. At the end of the day 26 along the India remains precariously on 73 for 4 with Kohli in 14 and Dravid on 26.

15.00 Starc of continues and Dravid on strike. Excellent Starc ball. Dravid plays a beautiful shot about SnagIt and ball races for the limit that takes Dravid to 25 and India for 69 to 4. India still trails by 139 runs and three full days to go. Another great delivery that angles between Dravid and loses the bat by inches. The slip cordon, the goalkeeper and bowler went in conjunction with the feature, but says that the arbitrator did not. At the end of the day 25 throughout India is still in 69 for 4.

14.55 Kohli plays an excellent shot of hand and takes two races outside Hilfenhaus next over. Hilfenhaus Kohli tests with deliveries side leg's inswinging corner. At the end of 24 overs is 65 for 4.

14.50 Clarke brings Starc for the attack. Kohli on strike. Kohli just puts the ball in the gap and Warner stops the ball before the boundary line and the Indians took two races and India moves to 58 for 4. Kohli plays the next ball down the floor and the races of ball to the boundary. India moves to 62 for 4. India still trails by 146 runs. The big question mark is whether India will make Australia bat again. Kohli taps the ball from side to have a single leg and moves to India and 63 to 4 8. At the end of the day 23 on he is 63 to 4 with Dravid on 21 and Kohli on 8

Beverage break is. Another 14 overs to be bowled today. Will this pair play out the remaining overs, it remains to be seen.

14.45: Continues Hilfenhaus and Kohli on strike. Much depends on this pair of Kohli and Dravid. Kohli takes a sharp single to open his account and he is 52 to 4. Dravid glances the ball to the boundary and its 56 for 4. Dravid moves to 21.

14.40 will be correspondence about in less than three days or Indians can put up a fight? We will have to wait. Starc continues and Dravid on strike. Dravid plays a solid defensive shot. Another beautiful Starc delivery which runs Dravid to play the ball with soft hands. Another good along the Mitchell Starc and India remains at 51 to 4.

Virat Kohli comes to the middle. Good over de Hilfenhaus and India remain precariously on 51 to 4.

14.35 Hilfenhaus continues and Laxman. Laxman gone and it's easy wicket for Hilfenhaus. Laxman borders the ball to the slip cordon and is well accepted by Marsh and is 51 for four. the same level.

14.30 Starc continues and Dravid is on strike. Dravid punches the ball through his hand and take three races and scoring movements to 51 for three. Starc is bowling beautifully this entry. He took two important wickets that of Gambhir and Tendulkar. A very good short ball of Starc and Dravid we felt under it. At the end of the 19th century on it is 51 for 3 with Dravid and Laxman 17 in yet to get off the mark.

14.25 Hilfenhaus brought to the attack with Dravid on strike. Racing hard for ball bars Dravid and it to the limit of coverage for four and movements Dravid for 12 and 46 for India to 3. Once again a bad ball Hilfenhaus. Dravid cuts the ball and takes two comfortable racing and he is 48 for 3.

V.V.S. Laxman out toward the middle. India still trails by 166 runs.

14.20 Starc Gets the little master. A fuller length ball struck Tendulkar on the front and the ball just went and replay shows the ball reaches the top of the leg Stump and once again the opportunity going abegging to Tendulkar. The India again in trouble deep and it is 42 to 3. Starc strike again in his second over. Tendulkar is not really happy with the decision.

14.15 Siddle to continue and Tendulkar is on strike. Tendulkar advances and crosses with your shot and takes a single.Tendulkar looks for the second race, but rightly is sent again by Dravid. Siddle Bowls in stumps that does not provide any leverage for the swing of arms of Dravid and Tendulkar. Continues to be an excellent over Peter Siddle and India on 42 for 2.

14.10 Harris to continue and Tendulkar on strike. For the pads Tendulkar plays an excellent shot and is well-fielded by Siddle. Tendulkar settles for two. It is 40 to 2. Tendulkar once again their movements and takes a single pads. At the end of 15 about India moves to 41 for 2 people with Dravid in 8 and Tendulkar on 7.

14.05 Siddle continues and Tendulkar is on strike. Racing hard for ball bars Tendulkar and he to the limit. Tendulkar opens your account with four and India goes to 37 for 2. Siddle bowls delivers a beautiful, Tendulkar didn't offer any shot and the ball hits the keyboard and the cry for LBW is turned down by referee Kumar Dharmasena. Tendulkar plays a defensive shot and misses the stumps and Tendulkar takes a single, which is 38 to 2.

14.00 both hitters have to leave your mark. Is Harris from the other end. A during Starc. Is quite interesting tactics of Michael Clarke. India still trails by 183 runs. Racing hard for ball bars Dravid and he to the limit and is 29 to 2. Dravid opens your account with four. Harris delivery Beaufitul, Dravid plays it with soft hands and once again reaches the limit. Dravid offers 8 and he is 33 to 2. Dravid borders the ball to the slip cordon. Harris probes Dravid out the stump out.

He brings Sachin Tendulkar to the middle. Once again millions of Indian fans awaiting his 100th international century. He will score this time .... This game is heading to a finish of three days. Very good delivery to Tendulkar to start with. Siddle induces Tendulkar forward and the ball went just the bat and up to the goalkeeper. Excellent lifelong Siddle and India continues to be 25 to 2.

13.55 Michael Clarke bring Peter Siddle into the attack. Change at both ends. Clarke used his bowlers smart in the first innings. Sehwag is on strike. Sehwag plays the first ball with soft hands for the defender of barranco. And he was gone. Once again the same pitched up delivery of Siddle that brings the fall of Sehwag. Sehwag plays the ball and the border is cheerfully taken by keeper Haddin and is 25 to 2. And still the bad form of Sehwag ...

Now is Rahul Dravid in the crease. Dravid will play the waiting game? Once again a beautiful delivery of Starc, Dravid plays it safely. Starc bowls Dravid in his strength i.e. on the side of the leg. Dravid is completely out of shape in this series. This will be a big occasion for him? A good over de Starc. And is 24 to 1.

13.50 a change of bowling from the other end. Starc is replaces Harris and Sehwag warmed up the ball from side to a single leg. A good short ball takes the wicket of Gambhir. Starc stuns Gambhir with the short ball. Gambhir is completely out of balance while playing the shot and it is well accepted by Hussey in barranco. the first wicket falls for India. Starc strikes in his first over. India 23 to 1 with Gambhir gone.

13.45: Hilfenhaus continues and Sehwaag on strike. India still trail Australia by 186 runs. Sehwag heat the leg-side ball and it went straight to the fielder. A defensive shot of Sehwag will fetch you a unique and he moves to 9 and India 23 for no loss. India remains in 23 for no loss.

13.40 Harris continues and immediately beat Sehwag. Sehwag plays a defensive shot.

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