Sunday, December 25, 2011

Resuming bilateral ties will take time: Ashraf

Speaking about bilateral relations with India, Ashraf said it will take time to revive Cricket ties between the two countries.

"I was not able to fulfill my Indian counterpart (N Srinivasan) at the meeting of ACC in Singapore."But I look forward to meeting you at the next meeting of the ICC to have a positive dialogue, said Ashraf.

The head of the PCB also said that the Council does not favour appointing a Deputy with the national team as this could lead to "divisions" within the side.

"The appointment of Deputy Commander could lead to divisions within the team and won't be good. The team is doing well under the captaincy of Misbah-ul-Haq, then let him go by while he can, "Ashraf was quoted as saying by The News.

His comments came after being asked why the Board was not grooming anyone as Deputy Commander future Misbah as was not getting any younger.

Ashraf credited Misbah to lead the team well and inspiring them to a good performance in recent series. The PCB has not designated a Deputy Commander for the last series against Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Ashraf also made it clear that he would revise the financial benefits given to players when its central contracts expire this year.

"I will consider the matter and decide on central contracts it with my team to see what we can do for the improvement of the players," he added.

Pakistani players receive central contracts currently in three different categories.

Categories are a monthly salary of 250,000 Pakistani rupees, that in the second division begins 175,000, while players in category c are paid 100,000 per month.

The basic monthly salaries are not part of match fees, grants and prizes won by the players.

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